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Arriving on the scene in 1978 in the Portland metropolitan area, Troy found his voice by studying photography in college, earning an AAS in Professional Photography. With additional studies in Graphic Design after graduating, Troy was quickly snapped up by one of his professors where he worked for ten years as a Studio Assistant, Digital Photography Technician and Studio Manager. 


Since the age of 16, Troy had a passion for road trips and found the Oregon outback to be visually expressive where he continues to constantly travel to and from. He finds the millions of years of evolution and weatherization mesmerizing, with its exposed layers of varying elements, colors of rock compositions, canyon lands, bluffs, rock formations and brilliant degrees of colors moving in a poetic way. The barren land, while exposed, has many stories to tell and with its open vastness, its depth is even more saturated and enticing to him. History is fascinating – where we have been and especially, what our environment looked like thousands to millions of years ago.


Additionally, he finds the Oregon desert roads intriguing, filled with vast solitude and a calm presence. If he could win the lottery, Troy would spend the rest of his life exploring the American Southwest (more specifically Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Utah, Montana and Wyoming), writing and photographing about its abundant visual treasures. At this point in time, he's traveled nearly every road in the entire state of Oregon and considers the next frontier to be adventures on foot where the modern vehicle cannot go. Or, if Troy could simply do as he always dreamed of, he would take off in his Subaru with his trusty Yellow Labrador, traveling every road he could that passed through the deserts he envisions of visiting every night in his dreams.


While there is an obsession with deserts (the opposite of the climate he's lived in all his life), Troy is no stranger to the mountains and lakes either, where he and his Labrador swim and recreate in the warmer months of the year. Troy tends to be more independent, which allows him to think a great deal. You might even find him to be quirky and unique, a bit endearing and at times, overly observational. His eyes are always listening, as some say he's got a couple in the back of his head so he can see everything around him. But no, one of his professors in college mentioned that you must always know what is going on around and behind you, so as to expect the unexpectable. Excellent words of wisdom for a visualist – always know what is going on around you at any given moment.


Troy has shifted his creative focus toward photographic fine art, personal projects and most importantly, abstract color and black & white photography. Your voice is important in your craft and with so many creators working on their projects, it's even more important to find and stick with what drives you artistically. Yep, that's right.


If he could start his life all over again, Troy would have been born to wealthy parents so that he could constantly travel and see everything the world had to offer. But more realistically, he would have chosen to either get a Masters Degree in Anthropology, Archeology, Creative Writing, Geology, or Paleontology to work in the field – discovering, uncovering and experiencing life outdoors, under the bright warm sun, the light of the passing moon, or stars that entice its viewer to dream outside the atmosphere above.

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